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Fire Science Program

Firefighters seeking an Associate in Applied Science degree can reach out to our office to set up an appointment to go over any potential credit hours they may have and how they apply towards the Associate degree.

Firefighters seeking credit for prior learning through IFSAC certifications, should reach out and be sure to scan all certificates and email those to area6@kctcs.edu.

If you want to learn more information about the program through JCTC please visit the following link https://jefferson.kctcs.edu/education-training/program-finder/fire-rescue-science.aspx

The Fire Science degree is 60-64 required credit hours, with Gen Ed credits being 15 through JCTC or Accepted by JCTC and Fire Science credits being 45 of those total required hours.

The following guide is a breakdown of how IFSAC Accredited Certificates count towards the Fire Science Degree through JCTC. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss the Fire Science degree program more. 

*IFSAC Accredited FF I **IFSAC Accredited FFII *** IFSAC Accredited Hazmat Awareness

****IFSAC Accredited Hazmat Ops

(IFSAC Accredited certifications count towards where asterisk is located)

*FIR 1011- Organization & Safety
*FIR 1012- Intro to Building Construction
*FIR 1013- Fire Dynamics
*FIR 1014- Fire Extinguishers
*FIR 1015- Ladders

*FIR 1021- Personal Protective Equipment
*FIR 1022- Fire Hoser Practices
*FIR 1023- Ropes & Knots

*FIR 1031- Communications
*FIR 1032- Structural Search & Rescue
*FIR 1033- Tactical Ventilation
*FIR 1034- Loss Control
*FIR 1035- Origin & Cause Determination

*FIR 1041- Equipment Maintenance
*FIR 1042- Hoses/Fire Streams
*FIR 1043- Community Risk Reduction
*FIR 1044- Incident Scene Operations
**FIR 1045- Forcible Entry

**FIR 1051- Basic Fire Suppression
**FIR 1052- Advanced Fire Suppression

***FIR 1061- Hazardous Materials Awareness
****FIR 1062- Hazardous Materials Operations
FIR 1063- Terrorism & ASHER Incidents (FEMA Q0890 can be used to substitute this)

*FIR 1071- First Aid
*FIR 1072- CPR
*FIR 1073- Bloodborne Pathogens
**FIR 1074- Intro to Rescue & Extrication

FIR 215- Emergency Medical Responder and FIR 200 Level Elective
FIR 230- Emergency Medical Technician (or Paramedic)

ELECTIVES: Any 6 of the following courses

~Must be IFSAC Accredited~
FIR 198- Practicum- 3 credit hours
FIR 202- Fire Instructor I – 3 credit hours
FIR 203- Fire Instructor II- 3 credit hours
FIR 205- Fire Officer I- 3 credit hours
FIR 206- Fire Officer II- 3 credit hours
FIR 207- Fire Officer III- 3 credit hours
FIR 208- Fire Officer IV- 3 credit hours
FIR 210- Aircraft Rescue Firefighting- 3 credit hours
FIR 212- Driver/Operator (Pumper)- 3 credit hours
FIR 213- Driver Operator (Aerial)- 3 credit hours
FIR 220- Hazardous Materials Technician- 3 credit hours
FIR 225- Special Topics in Fire Science- 1 credit hours each
NFA classes count as 1 credit hour each, if have 3, then counts as 1 elective (3 credit hours)
FIR 240- Fire Inspector I- 4 credit hours
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